Dr. Deborah Rutt, PHD, LCSW
Individual, Relationship Psychotherapy
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Deborah Rutt

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Daring Love for Couples - An Afternoon Experience

Saturday – February 2nd 2019 - 2pm-5pm

Come with your partner to experience an afternoon devoted to nourishing your relationship. We will explore concepts of trust, vulnerability and empathy. We’ll create a space to learn how our stories can help or hinder our connection and learn practical tools to engage with your partner. Content for this group is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, PHD LMSW.

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Daring Love for Couples – A 5-Week Group

Tuesdays 6 pm – 8pm Starting February 5th – through March 5th 2019

Are you feeling your relationship has lost it’s ‘glow’? Or may benefit from taking some time to deepen your connection? Perhaps you’d like to learn new ways to communicate empathy and compassion, even in the midst of conflict? I invite you to experience this 5-week group devoted to nourishing your relationship where we will explore concepts of trust, vulnerability, and empathy. Come create a space to learn how our stories can help or hinder our connection and learn practical tools to engage with your partner. Content for this group is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, PHD LMSW.

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Boulder Seattle and Worldwide

Welcome to The Holding Heart, psychotherapy and life coaching services of Dr. Deborah Rutt. Let Deborah help you manifest your intentions for 2019 and beyond! Serving Boulder & Longmont Colorado, Washington and Nebraska via Teleconference.


Deborah provides meditation coaching for individuals and groups. Call for more information. 

Deborah offers customized presentations to groups and organizations on the Daring Way™ approach to whole-hearted living. Based on research by Brené Brown PHD LMSW. See TAB for more information.

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Welcome to the Holding Heart

           ~ Start from the heart... the rest will follow. ~

Change is inevitable. It is how we navigate change is a human dilemma and why many people seek therapy or coaching. Perspective is everything.  Wayne Dyer may have said it best,  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This philosophy is at the heart of my life and my work.  I am Dr. Deborah Rutt, PHD, LCSW and the The Holding HeartTM is the home for my psychotherapy and life coaching practice. 

I offer a unique perspective as a psychotherapist and coach steeped in both Western and Eastern traditions, as well as an expert in interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. This supports clients in making practical, profound change towards health and well-being as well as developing healthy, loving relationships. Here are some of the areas in which people have sought my help: 

  • Do you have a challenging relationship?  Work individually or as a couple to strengthen any relationship: work-related relationships, friends, parent-child or partner relationships. As you focus on strengths and challenges, you enhance your relationship with yourself and with the other person, while acquiring new awareness and communication tools. 

  • Do you want to finally resolve a longstanding emotional issue or behavior pattern?  For example, if you feel 'stuck' with feelings of anxiety or depression that seem unchangeable, with the right support and practical change, discover how it is possible to live with greater well-being. 

  • Perhaps you are looking for support or guidance as you go through a transition in life, such as a divorce, death of a loved one, or emotional issues related to a medical illness.  Our emotional life is intricately connected to our physical well-being and exploring this relationship can enhance all aspects of your life. 

  • Or perhaps you simply wish to create your life manifesting the dreams you hold dear. Working with Deborah can open new possibilities for living the life you desire. Deborah is long time meditator and teacher of mindfulness. She coaches people in meditation to enhance their relationship with their own self. 

There are various ways we can work together. I have deleloped an expertise in relationship coaching. I see individuals for solution-focused brief therapy, as well as life coaching to address medical issues, and as a coach for mindfulness practice. With exciting new research in brain science, we know more about the relationship between our hearts and minds and about the key role perception plays in shaping our lives. Many new techniques and practices are incorporated in my coaching and therapy services.  I also see clients internationally for online therapy using state-of-the-art confidential video conferencing. 

So regardless of how you view your life now, no matter where you are in your journey to a better future, I offer you the real possibility of creating a more satisfying heart-based life. Please join me. 

                                              Deborah J. Rutt, PHD, LCSW, MSW, MS 
                                              Call for a FREE initial consultation.
                                                I look forward to meeting you!


Services (Refer to 'SERVICES' tab for complete description.)

Individual Psychotherapy
Behavioral Health Therapy
Relationship Coaching / Therapy
   (for any relationship with one or both parties)

Relationship Coaching
Executive Coaching
Life Coaching Coaching and Consultation for Health Care Providers
    (coaches, therapists, medical providers)
Meditation Coaching (for individuals and groups)

Some Testimonials

“I want to thank you for all your help through your sessions and readings. You really have helped me begin an amazing journey in my life, the one to live the life of my dreams :), Thank you so much!”  ~Yavidan in Paris, France

I can't believe just after two sessions with you I not only felt better but my energy and health actually continued to improve. Now I can honestlly say I am depression free.  ~Marie in Seattle, Washington

For the last 3
years I have struggled to get to sleep and have woken up often when I have. It has been tiring and a nightly battle, even with meditation, visualizing, breathing and so on. I have not had a decent night's sleep in months! I worked with Deborah ... and I am sleeping so well now. It worked immediately. I cannot express how much better I feel. I feel Ihave a new life again. It is wonderful and it was SO EASY TO DO AND SO QUICK! ... With love and thanks for being in my life and teaching me these wonderful gifts. ~Janey in Malaga, Spain

MEDICAL ISSUE                                  
When I look back (over my time as your client) I realize how much ground we’ve covered and that ground is covered with lots of tears, laughter, and deep thought ....You’ve been so helpful on multiple levels as I’ve strived to maintain sustainable lifestyle changes related to eating and exercise as well as facing medical procedures; and as I’ve learned to be more mindful and the benefits that can have on all aspects of my life.  ~Dale in Seattle, Washington


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