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Deborah is the expert on communication skills and conflict resolution. She has a strong, results-oriented approach that has not only helped me and my partner, but many of our friends and colleagues as well. I feel fortunate to have had Deborah teach us and guide us. The resulting skill set that we developed has made a huge difference in our lives.
Received from Rand in Seattle, Washington USA


I want to thank you for all your help through your consultations and coaching. You really have helped me begin an amazing journey in my life, the one to live the life of my dreams :), Thank you so much!
Received from Yavidan in Paris, France


“Working with Deborah was an absolute game-changer for me. In just one session, I was amazed by how much I learned about energy and how it flows through our bodies. But what truly blew me away was how incredibly healing the experience was. Deborah has a gift for transformative work, and she was able to help me address issues that I had been struggling with for my entire life. The shifts I experienced during our session were nothing short of miraculous, and even weeks later, I still feel the profound impact of our work together. One of the things I appreciated most about working with Deborah was how much she empowered me to take charge of my own energy. She taught me all sorts of techniques and tools that have helped me maintain my energy throughout the day and enhance my relationship with my partner. Her insights were invaluable, and I know I'll carry them with me for the rest of my life. Above all, I can't recommend Deborah enough. She is an incredibly intuitive and nurturing practitioner, and her light-hearted and professional approach made me feel so comfortable throughout our entire session. She truly is a master in her field, and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you’re looking for a life changing experience, look no further than Deborah.”
Received from Nina in Broomfield, Colorado


I have been fighting with depression for months. I can't believe after two sessions with you I not only felt better but my energy and health actually started to improve. After talking with my doctor, he agreed I was able to go off some of my medication I was on. I feel more optimistic and confident now that change can happen.
Received from Marie in Seattle, Washington


Deborah did a third party consultation with me on a client of mine, someone who I had reached an impasse on (without her knowing much about my client except for her presenting problem). Not only did I gain understanding to why my client was in such a stuck place, but I also saw how my approach had actually been holding them in that place too. ... I now know now exactly how I can approach this situation and look forward to the breakthrough that I am sure will now come. This consulting service (to helping professionals) is extremely valuable to anyone who may benefit form understanding where someone is coming from so that they may serve him or her better.
Received from Jessica in Malaga, Spain


A lot of thanks for your session with me. The days after I had a lot of energy in my daily life. Now, six weeks later, I feel an inner peace and harmony and happiness ! I like to do the exercises you gave me. Some friends whom I havn`t seen for four weeks said "You look so bright and 10 years younger !" Not all my problems are dissolved but I am working on it. I can really recommend you and your healing work! Thanks, Love and Light for you from Gabriele living in Spain.
Received from Gabriele living in Spain


I‘ve had recurring bouts of deep grief throughout my life. Despite much searching, I’ve not been able to shake it. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from Deborah’s work, her warmth and good humor were very reassuring ... During the first session, it was obvious she could really see what was going in my life. In fact, she brought my attention to something I didn’t want to see. With her guidance, I got clear on the most important issue to address. She also recommended meditation techniques to amplify our work. Throughout the following week, I felt more light and strength in meditation which helped me feel more empowered. Working with Deborah has been deeply comforting. Even though we’re working on the telephone, her presence is right with me and stayed with me after the session was over. I’ve already recommended her to several colleagues who are ready to get to the bottom of old issues and reclaim their life energy.
Received from Rev. Tina Beneman, Resonance Repatterning Therapist in Baltimore


I was a client of Dr. Rutt being treated for medical-related PTSD (from surgical complication). I’ve found benefit from participating in EMDR exercises. A good example of this is my fear and apprehension over having a second surgery… (Now) I feel better about having a second surgery so much so, that I have an appointment to see my surgeon for the next surgery.
Received from Dale in Washington


"Deborah can do it all. Analyze, create, brainstorm, execute. I have known Deb for 25 years. She is smart and can get any job done. She is very perceptive about people and situations. She is a great consultant."
Received from Pat McEvoy PHD in DesMoines, Iowa


You're such a wonderful, funny person and I appreciate your skill and professionalism. And your perspective and compassion. Thank you so much for taking me so far.
Received from Lynn R. in Boulder, CO