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Welcome to The Holding Heart --
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Dr. Deborah Rutt PHD, LCSW.
Locally serving Boulder & Longmont, Colorado.
Therapy certified in Colorado and Washington states. 

For more about The Holding Heart services, or to arrange a free consulation or speaking event for your group, contact:
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Holding Heart

In life, we know change is inevitable. How we navigate that change is our human dilemma and why many people seek therapy or life coaching. In therapy, as in life, perspective is everything. The power of perspective is this: when you change the way you look at things -- your self, the world around you ---interestingly the things you look at change (from WAYNE DYER).

This philosophy is at the heart of my life and my work. Welcome to The Holding Heart, an online home for my psychotherapy and life coaching practice, where I help clients transform themselves and their lives, to create the changes they desire into living a whole-hearted life.       ~Dr. Deborah Rutt PHD LCSW

Events Calendar

  No forthcoming events scheduled.


Recurring Events

The following events remain unscheduled for 2021.
Stay tuned here for the most current updates.

  • DARING LOVE™ Weekend Retreat
    Friday 5-9pm + Saturday 9-5pm

    A day retreat on self-compassion and breaking old patterns 
    in the way of loving yourself.  Saturday OR Sunday 9-5pm

  • ONGOING Groups
    If you have an interest in any of these groups, please contact me.
    As I learn of your interest, groups will be formed in either 
    live or video conference format. Please let me know. 
    (For more information on these groups go to the Daring Way tab.)
          Daring Greatly™
          The Gifts of Imperfection™ 
          Rising Strong™


When failure doesn’t hurt, it’s not failure. more
Brené Brown